• PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIALS. Durable glass makes carafe shatterproof and resistant to boiling water. Stainless steel plunger and chrome plated frame protect the French Press from rust.
  • ENHANCED FILTRATION with double screen system. You will not experience grounds in your coffee, just smooth, rich and flavorful taste. TWO EXTRA REPLACEMENT FILTERS are included.
  • SIMPLE TO USE AND CLEAN. Cleaning the Jeanzer French Press is definitely not a hustle. Wash easily by hand.
  • PERFECT GIFT for your friends and family. Elegant design, reliable construction and stylish packaging make this coffee maker an unforgettable present for any occasion.
  • 100% LIFETIME GUARANTEE. No need to worry if something goes wrong. Just send us an email and get a replacement for FREE.

Jeanzer French Coffee Press - Large Pot with Extra Durable Glass,600 ml

  • Why choose Jeanzer French Press?

    There is no simpler, more time-saving and energy-saving way to make high-class coffee. We put very clear and plain instructions on the box. All you need is grinded coffee, hot water, Jeanzer French Coffee Press and 4 minutes of time.


    Jeanzer French Coffee Press is large, sturdy, reliable and stylish enough to adorn your kitchen counter and dining table.
    It is made with extra durable high borosilicate glass , so you can use boiling water and easily clean the carafe in a dishwasher.

    Double screen filtration system does a superb job of filtering the grounds . Your coffee is always rich, flavorful and smooth. You may experiment with any kind of coffee, tea, chocolate or lemonade . It is suitable for any drink.


    Looking for a perfect gift?
    This is a present your friends or family actually want for Christmas, birthday or any other occasion. It is useful, stylish and packed in a specially designed box.

    Always having a struggle to find replacement filters?
    No more worries! Two extra screens have been included in the package.