• PRECISE MEASURING: Olive oil dispenser with teaspoons, Tablespoons, milliliter labeled for precise measurement.
  • NON-DRIP DESIGN: Glass bottle with non-drip spout for mixing oil and vinegar without any mess.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Oil and vinegar dispenser is made by glass, silicon, and BPA-free plastic.
  • MULTI-USE: This oil dispenser can be used for oil, vinegar, soy sauce, creamer. Put the favorite herbs in the oil to create your own herb infused oil.
  • EASY CLEAN: Dish washer safe, wide opening is easy for hand wash.

Jeanzer Olive Oil and Vinegar Dispenser - Glass Oil Bottle Non Drip 17 oz | Red

  • This glass oil bottle is the solution for your kitchen: Use this innovated oil dispenser to press, measure, pour. It's also a life saver when trying a new recipe that you have to measure everything. Most importantly, you will never eat the extra calories that you don't need.


    Our non-drip design will keep the bottle as clean as your kitchen. Come with 500ml for serving at table or general use in the kitchen. Enjoy your yummy cooking and healthy life!