• COMPLETE WINE DECANTER SET for PERFECT evenings! Wine is all about the taste and with this complete & exquisite decanter we offer
  • A SURE WAY TO TASTE: Unlike other Wine Decanters, the Jeanzer decanter has been carefully Hand Blown crafted so that you can enjoy that perfect glass of red wine. Strong, yet smooth. Tough, yet elegant. Young, yet experienced
  • THE PERFECT TASTE:  To make sure that this decanter will rise up to expectations, we have used flawless hand blown lead free glass. Your Wine Glass Carafe will welcome air within the drops of wine, allowing the great dance to begin, right there in your red wine glass.
  • DURABLE:  This decanter is made of an enduring, long lasting glass, which will not break any time soon.

Jeanzer Wine Decanter Glass, Exquisite 100% Hand Blown Lead-Free

  • This Wine Decanter Set has been designed to last! Having the much needed knowledge in the matter and the passion to fuel the work. While the glass carafe may seem frail, know that you are going to enjoy a long lasting friendship. Time is of no importance for this Wine Aerator Decanter.

    Red Wine, strong, old, rests in the Glass Carafe waiting to be savored. Air comes in and wraps the beverage, giving it a new dress, elegant and smooth to once again feel young. From its crystal castle, this famous Decanter, to your glass, red wine is ready to end its journey. Now, the fun begins!